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Supporting the resistance is our only option, and security coordination meetings are a free service for the occupation (witness)

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publish date 2023-03-07 20:38:37

Amman – Raed Sbeih

On Tuesday evening, the National Forum for Supporting the Resistance and Protecting the Homeland held an “inclusive national meeting” at the headquarters of the Islamic Action Front in the Abdali region, to express the embodiment of the unity of the Jordanian people behind the resistance and the protection of Jordan from being targeted by the continuous occupation, and to emphasize the necessity of continuing activities and activities to support the Palestinian brothers. Those who face the Zionist aggression and the rejection of security coordination conferences, the latest of which is the Aqaba Summit.

The participants in the meeting also affirmed their rejection and denunciation of the “Aqaba Summit” that Jordan hosted at an American request, stressing at the same time that this summit and the previous security coordination meetings came as “a free service to a criminal Zionist government waging an existential war against Jordan as it is waging it against Palestine.” .

Renewal of allegiance to the resistance

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front, Engineer Murad al-Adaileh, stressed in a speech he delivered on behalf of the Forum that the resistance is the cornerstone that the nation must stand behind because it is the barrier that stands in front of the Zionist project and the danger of its expansion.

He sent several messages through the forum, the first of which is that the Jordanian people are in the trench of the heroic resistance because it is the cornerstone of the liberation project and it is capable of curbing and deterring the extremist fascist government. Resistance”.

He stressed that “the resistance represents the strength of the Palestinian people, and that the issue of Palestine is not subject to displacement and mortification, and it presents a real model in resisting the occupation.”

Adaileh stressed that the Jordanian people with all their political forces stand with the resistance and from Amman we declare allegiance to this resistance, and our Arab and Islamic peoples are required to pledge allegiance to them in achieving the Palestinian liberation and independence project, which will not be rejected by conferences or tracks that can stop this project.

M. Murad Al-Adaileh: The entity insists on insulting the “Arab Official” despite the free services it provides to it

In the second message, he also referred to the complete rejection of any path of normalization or security coordination, and we affirm that these paths are a disgrace and a shame for those who do it.

Adaileh said: We confirm our rejection of the Aqaba conference, and unfortunately, the Arab regimes do not learn lessons, and we received Netanyahu. The response was a massacre in Jenin, and the authority withdrew a resolution condemning settlements in the Security Council.

He pointed out that “this entity insists on slapping the Arab officialdom, as if telling them that you play these roles for free and with insult as well.”

He continued by saying: “Before the Aqaba summit ended, the leaders of the Zionist entity came out confirming the rejection of the outputs of this summit, and more than that we heard them talking about erasing Hawara and emphasizing that what is in Aqaba remains in Aqaba before the ink of the Aqaba summit dries.”

Adaileh wondered: What political solutions remain and about any path and illusion that the official Arab regime is talking about, and the miserable options that the Arab official is talking about are nothing but a lifeline for an extremist government that is in an existential crisis with the Palestinian resistance, and the latest survey of the entity’s residents that the first existential danger for them is the “resistance.” Palestinian.”

He pointed out that the normalization path is rejected, and in the latest poll of Jordanians, 94% reject any relations with the entity, so why do you clash with the conscience of the Jordanian people and the supreme interests of the Jordanian state?

He concluded his speech by emphasizing that “Jordan is on the date and path of the most important position in which to support this heroic resistance, and this position is not strange for Jordanians who, since their twenties, sided with the resistance in the face of the Zionist project.”

Support for the resistance is a national consensus

Many of the leaders of the popular and national parties and movements who were present spoke during the meeting, stressing the need to support the Palestinian resistance and provide all forms of material and moral support, on top of which is “support with weapons.”

They stressed that the Palestinian resistance today is undergoing a fierce attack from the most extreme Zionist government, pointing out the need for the Arab and Islamic government to open real means of support to support them with weapons and bullets, especially since speeches and conferences will not advance and will not delay in confronting Zionist extremism that has turned its back on the whole world and continues. In violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.

The attendees also thanked the Islamic Action Front party for its leadership and efforts to rally the national ranks behind support for the Palestinian cause and support the Palestinian people in their legitimate rights.

Aqaba meeting is embarrassing and flawed

The forum sent a message to the government and the participating Arab and international parties that the meeting “was embarrassing and shameful,” especially after “the occupation leaders disavowed it and responded to it with “the utmost impudence and contempt for this free service.”

And he warned that the occupation leaders’ evasion of their commitments announced in the summit statement, and the announcement of the continuation of settlements and the legalization of settlement outposts, “is deliberately embarrassing official Jordan, and it is the best evidence of the disastrous option of cooperation with such a criminal government.”

During the meeting, the speakers blessed the “heroic operations, especially what the heroic resistance fighters carried out in Hawara and Jericho over the past days,” calling for a Jordanian popular panic to support Hawara and the villages of Nablus and all the villages and cities affected by this barbaric aggression, at the individual, collective and institutional level, and by all means and tools. possible and direct.

And they stressed that “supporting the resistance was and will remain our only feasible and reliable option.”

Closing statement

At the end of the meeting, the inclusive national popular meeting held by the National Forum for Supporting Resurrection and Homeland Protection in the Islamic Action Front party issued the following statement:

Today, personalities who represented the Jordanian people with their various parties, movements and popular forces gathered. And in its various clans, cities, villages and camps; She reaffirmed the constants rooted in the conscience of the Jordanian people:

First: We congratulate the heroic resistance in occupied Palestine, and salute its martyrs, wounded, and prisoners, their families, and their supportive popular environment, and affirm the Jordanian people’s support for this resistance as a strategic choice that does not budge He alone is the guarantor to confront the Zionist aggression in the language that he understands.

Second: We renew our categorical rejection of the American pressures that are trying to drag Jordan to participate in the second meeting of the Negev Normalization Forum. He is the one who constitutes suicide for official Jordan, as it extends the hand to a criminal Zionist government that threatens Jordan as well as Palestine, and is dragged to participate in a meeting that constitutes a cover for the planned Zionist aggression in Ramadan against the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, for which Jordan holds historical responsibility, and that the forum confirms the continuation and escalation of its activities opposing this suicidal normalization .

Third: The Jordanian people categorically reject the path of security coordination and conspiracy against the resistance, which began at the summit of the security obstacle, to which the occupation refused any commitment, and yet its path continues with preparation for the Sharm el-Sheikh summit; What makes the Arab official system in a position to provide free services to the occupation.
And it is Jordan’s official duty to be consistent with the position of the Jordanian people and not to be drawn into any roles that fall within the framework of striking the Palestinian pain under the name of “calmness.” This is not acceptable to the Jordanians and does not agree with their dignity and their deep faith in Palestine and its cause.

Fourth: We affirm that the Jordanian people, with all its components, stand with the people in Hawara, the villages of Nablus, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and all of occupied Palestine in the face of the barbaric settler aggression; He declares a popular panic to support them and stand with them in all possible direct ways.

Fifth: We affirm standing with the captive movement in the face of the escalating Zionist aggression against them and their families. And the campaign of robbery and aggression against their homes and money.

Sixth: We call on the Arab and Islamic popular forces and the forces supporting freedom and justice across the world to take popular action in support of the resistance. By convening supportive coalitions, organizing sit-ins and demonstrations, and providing the resistance against Zionism with all reasons for support.

in conclusion; We affirm that the Zionist entity today is in its weakest internal situation and in the weakest situation of international colonial support for it. This is what the resistance revealed through experience and proof, and that the choice of the Jordanian people and the choice of the entire nation is to seek support for this resistance and provide it with all the reasons for escalation and move forward towards a comprehensive battle that exploits this historical impasse and forces retreats on the Zionists.


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