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Minimum earning numbers ‘worrying sign’

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publish date 2023-02-22 11:44:59

Representative Saleh Al-Armouti affirmed that the rate of the Social Security Law is of interest to a wide segment of the nation, especially as there are 150,000 people who receive the minimum wage of 260 dinars.

Al-Armouti said during the parliament session today, Wednesday, that this number is a matter of concern, and that the government and the Social Security Corporation must pay attention to this segment and take into account the poverty and destitution of the Jordanian citizen, who may not extend his hand to any party.

He was surprised that the law had come into force since the beginning of this year, despite not having been discussed under the dome before.

Among the reasons for the amendments is that they came to provide more protection for the insured woman by amending the conditions for entitlement to maternity leave allowance, and to stimulate private sector establishments to employ unemployed youth by enabling them to reduce the rates of contributions resulting from their inclusion in the provisions of the law, in addition to achieving more social protection for the daughter and sister The divorced woman or the widow by giving them a share of the salary of her deceased father or brother.

The reasons for regulating the legal status of the military retiree came before completing the age of 45, and adding an additional year of service for workers in the Jordanian Armed Forces and security services who were on duty on June 10, 2020, in addition to achieving more privileges for the military and the injured among them.

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