Tips for the mother to encourage her child to study.. after vacation and return to school

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The mother finds a problem in encouraging the child to study his lessons after returning from vacation, because he is stubborn to her all the time and will not obey her orders, and for this we review in the report, tips that the mother must follow to encourage her child to study with the beginning of the second half of the school year, according to the site “”edmentum“.

Tips to encourage the child to study

Designate a place for studying

A good place must be chosen for the child so that he can study, as it is preferable that this place be characterized by good lighting and far from various sources of distraction, with the availability of all the tools he needs while studying such as pens, papers, and others.

Encouraging the child to study

Make a study plan

The mother must prepare a schedule that helps the child manage his time and review his lessons well so that he can understand them well, while allocating time to feel comfortable so that the child can absorb the lessons.

Helping a little girl to study
Helping a little girl to study

taking notes

It is preferable to follow the classic note-taking system, on the lessons that the child has memorized, as some studies indicated that writing notes by hand helps to remember the lessons.

Another image
Another image

Practice for the tests

After reviewing the educational lessons, it is preferable to train the child for exams by holding tests on what he has memorized so that he can understand his lessons well and prepare to answer the exams.

Avoid stacking

Studying a little bit of any subject every day is much better than studying a large amount of any subject in the long term of study, as it helps the child to remember the lessons he studied in the long run, especially with breaks every hour.

Teach the child to ask for help

The student may have difficulty understanding a particular lesson and is ashamed to ask his parents or teacher for help in understanding the lesson, because of his fear of his teacher or his parents, so the mother must reassure him and ask him to ask for help when he finds it difficult to understand any part of any lesson.

Avoid distraction

The mother should teach her child not to be preoccupied with any other means of distraction while studying, such as avoiding checking social networking sites, while following a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, as this helps to focus while studying.


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