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Every woman is looking for the beauty of the skin from multiple recipes to take care of the appearance and purity of the skin, and there are many ways to do that, but what draws attention is the soft, glamorous skin of Korean women that has no defects, and who pays a lot of attention to it. And the matter does not go beyond skin care only, which the Korean woman takes to make her skin so pure, every Korean woman is keen to eat useful food, which affects the beauty of the skin greatly, and to know the secret of the Korean system in general until the lady reaches that amazing skin, you can follow The following report, according to the site koreabyme“.

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The secret of the Korean diet:

All Korean people believe in the saying “You are what you eat”, which makes everyone give importance to healthy, balanced food, which makes Korean skin almost flawless, as it is certainly not possible to obtain pure flawless skin by using skin products only, and eating fatty and greasy food Fatty, on the other hand.

Koreans have a culture, the more healthy food is eaten, the better the skin becomes clear and radiant, because the food that is eaten is full of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids, Korean food depends on eating a large amount of vegetables while reducing fat and reducing meat consumption red, and they eat a lot of medicinal herbs in the form of tea and many hot drinks.

It is some of the secrets that the Korean system does for glowing skin


Kimchi is a very popular dish in Korea, and it is a dish that is served with all kinds of food. It is fermented cabbage, which is seasoned with hot pepper paste. Fermentation is good because they are in microorganisms that were created from the fermentation process, which preserves the health of the intestines. Strong and good, while fighting bad bacteria, kimchi is rich in many nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and is considered anti-aging, and of course a strong digestive system, helps prevent any skin problems, such as acne, making the skin naturally glowing.




It is eaten in the form of tea and drunk next to side dishes in Korea, because it is a herbal tonic, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which rejuvenates the skin and enhances its glow, and has benefits and anti-inflammatory and oxidative properties that protect the skin from free radical damage, which has many benefits for the skin and for this. It is used in many Korean skin care products, for amazing beauty.



Seaweed soup

It is eaten as a basic breakfast on a regular basis, because it symbolizes strong health, which Koreans are keen to eat on a daily basis, and it is eaten on birthdays, and it is served to the new mother who was born in order to compensate for the lack of nutrition that she feels, and seaweed is rich in minerals, omega-3, and antioxidants to protect the skin From the sun’s rays, it contains a percentage of sulfates to give the skin a calming effect, and the soup is eaten as a side dish or as a snack, and the Koreans eat it in many different ways.

Seaweed soup
Seaweed soup

Barley tea

Barley tea is the second most consumed in Korea after drinking water, and some replace it with a water substitute. It is made by fermenting roasted barley seeds. It has great value. It is caffeine-free and antioxidant. It has antimicrobial properties, which improves digestion and is great for the skin. This is why elderly women in Korea drink it to tighten the skin and protect it from the sun.



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