Know the meanings of the most famous tattoos in Korea

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There are many who have a passion and love for the civilization of Asia, especially for Korea, which has many creators, and among those creative things is tattoos, and drawing tattoos has a meaning that is not only art, and to know the meanings of some tattoos that are commonly drawn in Korea, the following report can be followed, according to the website “bodyartguru“.

Meaning of Korean Tattoo Designs:

Koreans care about nature and its beauty, and tattoos are considered an art that reflects the culture in which they grew up, and they have symbols hidden in nature, for many years, so that order is respected in daily life by new generations, and they have countless patterns and forms of drawings that come alive, and many decorations, These inscriptions may be on clothes or accessories.

Many symbols in Korea share with the Chinese symbols of wealth, luck and long life, such as the following:


It means ultimate survival, it represents survival in Buddhism, it means long and final stability, and the dual principle between theYin / Yangand the eternal cycle of life.


Fish painting means self-discipline, and because fish do not have the ability to close their eyes even during sleep, which means that in Buddhist culture it is a continuous effort all the time like fish, and fish means courage and independence.


The lotus means creation and birth, and it represents the virtue that a person walks according to, regardless of the difficulties around him, he remains as pure as he is throughout his life.

Some Korean tattoo shapes and designs:

lotus tattoo on arm

This tattoo is drawn on the arm like a vibrant art painting, colorful with many many colors like a realistic scene, and the amazing contrast of different colors.

Tattoo on the forearm

Korean tattoo on the back:

This Korean tattoo seems to cover the entire back, and it has text written in black ink. This tattoo can be done on the leg or along the arm. For those who prefer tattoos, everyone has a different vision.

tattoo on the back

tattoo on the back

korean tattoo on arm

This tattoo in black ink is traditionally stunning, very artistic, and looks like real flowers and cherry blossoms in a subdued way.

Tattoo on the arms

Tattoo on the arms

Korean tattoo on the shoulder:

This tattoo design, consisting of a cherry blossom, looks beautiful, and these designs are delicate and females can wear them, which suggests tenderness, and has an incredibly realistic shape, and a very delicate drawing.

tattoo on the shoulder
tattoo on the shoulder


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