Important tips to keep hands soft during the winter

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For lovers of winter, rain, and the calm voice of Fayrouz in the morning, and drinking hot drinks that give warmth and heat, this weather may be preferred by some people for its calmness, but during the winter season, every girl may complain of noticeably dry skin, especially the hand.

And every girl must take care of her skin, and the hand is the thing that is most exposed to dryness, and there are a number of tips that must be taken to ensure the moisture and softness of the hands, according to the website.zenjenskin“.

The softness of the hands

Regular hydration is important:

For the girl who wants to make her hand soft and moisturized, she should take care of her skin by using hand lotion or hand cream, so the girl must search for the special cream that suits her, and do not neglect this matter, and the girl must keep the cream in her bag all the time, so that it is in reach her hands, and the girl must use the moisturizer after washing the hands, and this is something that the girl should not neglect, so as not to make the skin of the hand dry, and among the cosmetics that are suitable for enhancing the desired moisture are shea butter and vitamin B, which maintains the moisture of the hands and that preserves water in The skin, and care must be taken that the creams contain rich oils and have a ratio that soothes and moisturizes the skin, such as glycerin.

Natural oils

Natural oils

Oil use:

Often a girl may want to use natural products far from manufactured products, and she can turn to natural oils, and simple drops can be placed on the hands and rubbed gently, to be very soft, and remain moist for a long time, while strengthening the nails and one of the best natural oils that can be For every girl to use it safely:

Avocado – aloe vera gel – almond – cocoa butter – coconut oil – olive oil

Don’t forget to moisturize your hands:

There is a way in this cold weather to moisturize the skin, especially for dry skin, which is to put clean socks in the microwave and heat it for 10 to 15 seconds.

During this time, an amount of lotion for the hands is placed on the palm of the hand and the hand is gently rubbed, then warm socks are placed on the hand and left for about 20 minutes, and they can be left overnight as desired, and after 20 minutes, the socks are removed and the hands are rubbed with excess cream This method is effective for dry skin, while avoiding hot water and using gentle soap on the skin.

Gentle soap
Gentle soap


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