Basic rules for hair care to protect it from dust and winter winds

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If you want to go out daily from your home, you must follow some important hair care tips and get rid of dirt and dust resulting from fluctuations and changes in temperature during the month of Amshir, which is known for dust and dust, so we review during the following lines the most important tips for hair care, according to Mira Basem, an expert. Beauty, hair and skin care.

Hair care in Amshire


If you are exposed to dust and rain on an almost daily basis, you must protect your hair and try to get rid of dirt before it accumulates on the scalp and causes clogged pores and infections. Hair can be washed daily with shampoo that is free of any chemicals.

wear a hat:

If you are not able to wash your hair daily, it is preferable to make your hair into a bun, while making sure to wear a hat that helps protect your hair from dust and rain.

Reducing the oil bath:

When going out, it is preferable that the hair be free of any oils so that it does not become a fertile environment for collecting dust and dirt, but it is preferable that the oil bath be done before going out, taking into account washing it well with shampoo and rinsing it in a good way.

drying hair:

Make sure to dry your hair quickly before leaving the house, and it is not acceptable to go down with wet hair, but it is preferable that it be ventilated and dried with your drying tools.

Tools clean:

It is preferable that there be a place designated for placing hair care tools away from dust or any sources of pollution, and it is preferable to wash the hair comb or brush.

Cleaning hair from dust
Cleaning hair from dust
hair care
hair care


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