A Dallas Zoo thief plans to steal more animals once he is released

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A man arrested in connection with a series of bizarre incidents at the Dallas Zoo has told police he hopes to return to the zoo and steal more animals if he is released from prison, the Daily Mail reports.

animal thief

Dallas Zoo thief
Dallas Zoo thief

The report revealed new details about what happened at the Dallas Zoo over the past few weeks, which has so far included the abduction of two tamarins and the disappearance of a tiger from its cage.

According to the report, Davion Irvin, 24, who was booked into the Dallas County Jail after he was seen in The Dallas World Aquarium However, investigators revealed that he had previously been able to enter the zoo several times by evading security.

He also talked about his plans to steal additional animals, according to court documents and told police he “loves animals,” though he now faces six counts of animal cruelty and two counts of home burglary.

Successive mysterious attacks targeting Dallas zoo animals.. the latest of which is the disappearance of two monkeys

It was not long after the mysterious death of an eagle and the escape of a female tiger from an American zoo, so that the series of mysterious incidents continued at the Dallas Zoo, as the Texas police are currently investigating the loss of two tamarin monkeys, and suspect that they were stolen, according to the BBC website.

The zoo in this major oil city in the state of Texas, famous for the TV series that bore its name, informed the security services, in the middle of last week, that the two animals had disappeared, and the zoo explained via “Twitter” that “their cage seemed clearly damaged by a deliberate act.”



Suspicious events at the Dallas Zoo

And the Dallas police, in a statement, suggested that the two animals were intentionally stolen from the cage, without indicating any suspect or possible motive, and the statement indicated that these small white-mustachioed monkeys that spread in the forests of South America do not generally move away from the place where they are located. In it, however, the zoo searched in vain for them in the surrounding areas.

Emperor tamarin monkeys are often subjected to theft, as in a shelter in northern France in 2016, in southeast France in 2011 and in a zoo in Blackpool, Britain, in 2014.

The beloved eagle, “Ben”, 35, was found dead during the past week, and the authorities suggested that his death was not due to natural causes, given that he had an “unfamiliar wound.”

On January 13, the female tiger “Nova” escaped from her enclosure after deliberately cutting a section of the fence, and “Nova” was later found safe in the zoo, but the staff discovered that the enclosure of the langur monkey in the place had also been breached.


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