7 ways to help your daughter make the right choice of friends

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Many mothers ask about the correct criteria that children should choose their friends based on, as making friends is one of the important steps in their lives, especially in adolescence, which is one of the most dangerous stages of life in which girls are characterized by a love of independence and the desire to make decisions on their own, and here it is necessary Follow these tips to help your daughter make the right choice for her friends, according to Reham Abdel Rahman, a family consultant and researcher in mental health.

Good choice of friends

Be her friend:

True friendship begins within the family and through the mother who cares about everything related to her daughter, so she discusses with her and dialogues with her in a manner characterized by patience, flexibility and the ability to understand her feelings and psychological needs at this stage..

Encouragement and support:

Forming friendships is one of the social skills that earn our children confidence, shouldering responsibility, and the ability to accept conflict and disagreement. Therefore, make sure to help your daughter acquire more successful friendships that add to her balance of experiences in life..


Interest in discussing with your daughter about the qualities that should be characterized by friends, with examples from your personal life, through which you give her an idea in a realistic way..

family occasions:

Family occasions are an opportunity to invite your daughter’s best friends and get to know them closely, so that you can judge their morals and indirectly advise them..

Self confidence:

Make sure to develop self-confidence within your daughter through words of positive praise and praise for her ideas, and encourage her to practice her favorite sport or to enter competitions that stimulate imagination and creativity within her, such as drawing, music, chanting, and other artistic and literary competitions, in order to invest her time in everything that is useful and useful so that it becomes She has goals and priorities in life.

Open questions:

Share with your daughter the events of her day through open-ended questions through which she can talk to you and share her ideas with you, such as: Who is your best friend? And why?What are the situations that made you happiest today? Thus, she will get used to recounting the details of her day to you, while making sure to provide support and understanding for her feelings.

Ethics and honesty:

Encourage your daughter to associate with a friend who is characterized by morals, honesty and credibility

How to choose friends
How to choose friends


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