5 places to go on Valentine’s Day to enjoy stargazing

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“I ask the stars of the night to bear witness to my condition on the day when she is gone.” This is how Abdel Halim Hafez asked his beloved, so that she would realize the extent of his love and longing for her in her absence, and he was not satisfied with that, so he mentioned the moon as well to confirm his words, and with the approach of Valentine’s Day, the beloved always says to his beloved, if he is longer, I will answer you His star is from the sky, as there is a close relationship between love and the stars, so why wasn’t Valentine’s Day celebrated in a quiet place where you can enjoy watching the beauty of the stars, and so the seventh day reviews some of the places you can go to watch the stars.


One of the most places in Egypt where you can enjoy watching the stars, especially due to its proximity to Cairo, as the Fayoum desert has many places to camp in, such as the Wadi Al-Hitan area, the Wadi Al-Rayyan area, and the Magic Lake area.

Rayan Valley

Giza Pyramids

It is possible to enjoy watching and enjoying the stars at night while listening to the sound and light and narrating the lives of the ancient Egyptians, and the possibility of photographing with the stars of the Milky Way in quiet romantic scenes.


Wadi Degla Reserve

It is one of the closest reserves in Cairo, and it is located in the east of Maadi, and it is one of the oldest natural reserves distinguished by its beauty and charming nature, and one of the most places where you can camp to watch and follow the movement of the stars.

Tigris Valley
Tigris Valley

Siwa Oasis

Siwa is famous for its natural atmosphere full of magic, as it is one of the most popular attractions that many come to throughout the year from all over the world to enjoy its atmosphere and its various activities, and you can take your sweetheart, to witness the splendor and beauty of the stars, and the different shapes that nature forms.

Siwa Oasis
Siwa Oasis

Farafra Oasis

One of the most places where you can enjoy watching the stars is the Farafra Oasis, especially the white desert area in its north, which is characterized by its white sands, and this area is characterized by the reflection of the stars and moon lights on it at night, which makes you feel as if it is during the day.



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