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Wide mourning of the death of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Jabr through the communication sites (witness)

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publish date 2023-02-11 08:51:40

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Sadness prevailed on social media after the death of the leader and preacher in the Islamic Movement, one of the sons of the group’s first generation, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Jabr Shabana, yesterday, Friday.

and spottedcompassWhat the pioneers of social networking sites wrote in the obituary of the sheikh, who recalled Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Al-Safadi his career and his merits during his participation as a deputy in the eleventh and twelfth Houses of Representatives (from 1989 to 1996), during which he was an example of devotion and loyalty to his country, his king, and his nation, just as he was an example in Connected giving and giving, according to the obituary statement of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Sheikh, may God have mercy on him, also worked as a teacher in Karak, then in Zarqa from 1953-1955 AD, and he also worked in the Islamic Scientific College.

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Engineer Murad Al-Adaileh, mourned Sheikh “Abu Omar,” saying, “He left his mark on Islamic action for decades.”

Abd al-Quddus al-Qudah wrote words of farewell to the sheikh, saying:

The sender of the saying does not make you angry and sad
When he lamented you, he met and shed his tears
The favor of the reformers is sponsored for eternity
Understanding of guidance is his vision and hearing (m)
The darker the road, the more they light up
So he walked with a massage therapist and calmed him down
Abdul Aziz cultivated nobility
So look at his planting, and he has grown well
His steps in guiding the truth are various
So God – when God came – gathered him

And she said Aida Jaber In her obituary for the late preacher, they are honorable history, they are our hours, days, and years of our lives. They are mountains of constants and principles… They are a school of ethics.

“He died without recognizing Oslo and Wadi Araba,” he said Ibrahim Abu Al-Abdvia his Facebook account.

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