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Warning against taking this road by spending the crossbar

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publish date 2023-02-11 11:04:36

Al-Bawsala – The governor of the Deir Alla district, Dr. Ali Al-Mawas, warned against taking the pipe road passing through Al-Ardah district for those heading to the Jordan Valley, as it has become a threat to the movement of vehicles, especially public transport buses due to their steep slope and unsuitability for large loads.

Al-Mawas told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) today, Saturday, that “it was noticed that the number of vehicles using this road has increased due to the closure of Al-Ardah road for rehabilitation,” noting that it is not an official road and is not an alternative to Al-Ardah road, but the alternative road is (Air Al-Karama) road until the completion of the road. Hamrat al-Sahn detour connecting Deir Alla district and the northern regions.
The governor confirmed that there will be strict legal measures for all modes of public transport who use the road, as the road witnessed many accidents and there were injuries at the level of small vehicles, pointing out that these measures are not intended for violations, but rather to protect passengers from any estimated accidents.

Al-Mawas stressed that the public transportation buses should not be loaded in return for the fare and take this dangerous road, calling on citizens not to risk their lives by using these buses, as they are not equipped with public safety means.
In the same context, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing said in a statement that the completion rate of the Hamrat Al-Sahn Road rehabilitation project has reached 78 percent, and it is expected that the works will be fully completed in mid-March.

In response to an inquiry by (Petra) regarding the road works, the ministry confirmed that work on the project is underway under the direct supervision of its cadres on the implementation of the Hamrat al-Sahn project, after which it will be approved as an additional traffic diversion for small vehicles, as an alternative to the Salt/Al-Ardah road, which was previously closed. To rehabilitate the road.

She added that the project faced many geological obstacles due to the nature of the terrain of the region, and they are dealt with immediately, as it took an additional period of time to process them in accordance with the rules, to ensure implementation with the highest engineering standards used globally, in addition to the prevailing weather conditions.

She emphasized that the shunt works are carried out according to the highest international engineering standards, stressing that it will be supported by public safety elements and all indicative and warning signs.


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