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The Service Bureau clarifies about a successful candidate who was not called for the exam

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publish date 2023-02-11 17:13:01

Today, Saturday, the Civil Service Bureau published an explanation about what social media platforms circulated about publishing the name of a candidate on the list of successful candidates in the competitive exam without summoning him for the exam.

The Bureau said, in a statement today, that it had published a competitive exam announcement in daily newspapers and on its website on December 29, in coordination with a number of ministries, government departments and institutions to fill their vacancies.

He added that, according to the competitive eligibility of the candidate (Amr Muhammad Muhaidat) at the level of Al-Wasatia municipality, who majored in accounting, he was nominated for the competitive exam, but his name was inadvertently omitted from the aforementioned advertisement during the advertisement class process.

And he indicated that the candidate attended the competitive exam based on the text message (SMS), which the Bureau sends to the candidates as an additional service to notify them of their candidacy for the competitive exam, to ensure the highest levels of transparency and equal opportunities in competition for available jobs.

The Bureau affirmed that it is the responsibility of individuals to circulate any rumors or false information, without consulting and verifying the competent authority, and that it is very keen on the eligibility of applicants and the integrity and accuracy of its work procedures.

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