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The government is adding 11 dinars to increase salaries…and the “guarantee” includes an insured person with a wage of 23,000

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publish date 2023-02-11 12:02:00

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Insurance and social protection expert Musa Al-Subaihi denounced the absence of a fair wage policy and the government’s failure to enforce a decision taken in a previous period to increase the minimum wage by (11) dinars.

Al-Subaihi said in a post on his Facebook account, “The monthly wage subject to the deduction of the guarantee for one of the insured has reached (23) thousand dinars, which is equivalent to the wages of 88 workers insured in the insurance who receive the minimum wage of (260) dinars.” He added, “Knowing That there are consequences of the wage for that insured person who is registered with the guarantee on a wage of (23) thousand dinars, and it is not included in the elements of the wage subject to deductions for the guarantee, and what this insured person receives in one month is equivalent to what the insured person with the minimum wage receives in seven and a half years.! “.

The human rights expert pointed out, “to a huge and unacceptable disparity in wages,” explaining that it “indicates the absence of a policy of fairness in wages and efforts to reduce the gap in it. However, the government is reluctant to implement a decision taken in a previous period to increase the minimum wage by (11) dinars.” Only and nothing else, this small amount that benefits more than (150) thousand insured persons who work for the minimum wage, which currently amounts to (260) dinars.

Al-Subaihi stressed, “What goes on in the minds and minds of officials is strange and strange, and there is no explanation or justification for it.”

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