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The Civil Service publishes its preliminary competitive disclosure for 2023 tomorrow

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publish date 2023-02-11 22:07:00

The Acting Head of the Civil Service Bureau, Engineer Mubarak Al-Khalayleh, announced that the date for publishing the trial competitive examination for the year 2023 on the Bureau’s website (www.csb.gov.jo) will start from tomorrow, Sunday, February 12, until the end of next Thursday.

This came in preparation for the issuance of the basic competitive list, which will be approved for the purposes of filling government vacancies for the current year, in accordance with the instructions for selecting and appointing employees in government jobs in force.

Al-Khalayleh pointed out that the Bureau, for the purposes of achieving transparency and justice, provided the opportunity for job applicants to view their data that is related to the applicants’ competitive points, such as the average academic qualification, place of actual residence, year of graduation, date of application submission, in addition to submitting objections and observations and sending them directly during the presentation period. Experimental detection.

He added that a specialized committee was formed in the Diwan to study these observations and reflect them on the main competitive disclosure later, if any.
He indicated that citizens can obtain preliminary examination services through the Bureau’s website www.csb.gov.jo, and through the National Call Center at 5008080, pointing out that the Bureau will send text messages (SMS) to all applicants whose applications are listed on the competitive examination. for the year 2023, and informing them of the date for publishing the experimental disclosure and the mechanism for sending feedback.

Regarding determining the place of residence of applicants for employment applications, Al-Khalayleh confirmed that the Bureau adopts the database of the Civil Status and Passports Department in accordance with the provisions of Article (4) of the instructions for selection and appointment in applicable government jobs, and the tribal advisory books for the people of the desert and its residents.

He explained that the Civil Service Bureau, for the purposes of auditing and counting data, will temporarily stop receiving transactions through the electronic services of its website during the trial statement offer period, and will resume receiving them once the trial statement offer period ends.

Al-Khalayleh indicated that the Service Bureau will launch the basic competitive examination for the year 2023 during a press conference held by the President of the Bureau, in the presence of media representatives at the end of this month.

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