Why do some people hate the weekend?.. Find out why and how to enjoy your vacation

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Many people eagerly await the weekend, whether to relax for a while, picnic with friends, or even go to some recreational places to spend some time, but others do not prefer the weekend and feel miserable because of it, and this is for various reasons that we review in the report, according to the website. “exploringyourmind“.

Why do some people hate the weekend?


Some people do not prefer the weekend because it reminds them of their loneliness at home, which causes them to feel sad, frustrated, and find it difficult to find a life partner who makes them feel happy.

feeling sad

feeling guilty

The weekend may cause some people to feel guilty or criticize themselves, because they think that they have not presented anything new in their careers and that they have been in the same position for years and will not be able to move forward in their lives.

Feeling bored on the weekend
Feeling bored on the weekend

Feeling bored

Some people feel bored during the weekend, because they repeat the same weekly routine, such as watching a movie, reading a novel, or playing some games, so they do not prefer the weekend.

Feeling bored
Feeling bored

How to improve the atmosphere of the weekend?

– It is recommended to form friendships with people who bring you together with several personal characteristics and agree with them in ideas and tastes, so that you can take a walk with them every week somewhere.

– It is advised to practice things that make you feel happy and psychologically comfortable, by developing a new plan to implement it every week to get rid of the feeling of boredom that you feel every weekend.

– It is also advised to volunteer to help others every week so that you can feel the value of your weekend, and at the same time provide service to the community in which you live.

– Renew the ideas and plans that you implement every weekend so that you can get rid of boredom, feel satisfied in your free time, and never hate the holidays again.


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