Vacation is over.. How do you prepare your child for the second half of the school year?

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Students are preparing for the second half of the school year, which is scheduled to start tomorrow in some schools, and the mother may find it difficult to make the child prepare to study again after the half-year vacation, so we review in this report some tips that the mother must follow with her child In order to prepare for the study, according to the site “sensationaltutors“.

How do you prepare your child for the second half of the school year?

Talk to the child

Children find it difficult to adapt to the study routine again after the vacation, so the mother should talk to him that he enjoyed enough the past period of his vacation and it is time to return to the daily school routine such as going to school, studying and writing homework, and until the child becomes excited about that, it is preferable to ask some Questions to him, such as, “Who are you excited to see back at school?”, “What are you most looking forward to when you go back to school?”, “Would you share your holiday experiences with your teacher and friends?”

Talk to the child

Talk to the child about his feelings

The mother should ask the child how he feels about returning to school, and listen to him and let him talk about his feelings while avoiding criticizing him, and the need to show her sympathy for him, and use positive sentences, such as “I know that it is difficult to return to school after vacation,” or “we Here for you if you find it difficult” or “It’s okay to feel this way, you will get over this”.

Preparing the child for school
Preparing the child for school

Draw pictures or use social stories

Many children find it difficult to express their feelings, and they prefer that their mothers ask them to express their feelings about drawing about their return to school instead of speaking, so that their mothers understand the truth of what they feel during this period.

Use positive holiday experiences

It is preferable for the mother to sit with her child and inform him of the positive things that happened to him during the vacation, such as or the special things that remind him of the vacation and ask him to choose one of the pictures to share with his friends or teachers at school, while reminding him that although the vacation is over, they can enjoy their time Back on trips over the weekends.

Preparing for school
Preparing for school

Use comfort tools

Young children can be attracted to return to nursery or school, by offering him something comfortable to carry with him to school or nursery, such as his favorite toy, so that the child feels psychologically comfortable.

Avoid stress

On the first day after returning to school, it is preferable for the child to wake up earlier than usual to allow him enough time to prepare for school.

Looking at the glass half full

It is preferable to remind the child that returning to school gives him the opportunity once again to meet his friends from his schoolmates, and also gives him the opportunity to go to the sports club every week, and studying helps him continue to reach his ambition and the position he dreams of.


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