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A 15-month-old female German Shepherd dog has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms after a video of her caring for two toy pigs got 2.9 million views. Natalie Banks of Wilmington, North Carolina, bought the pigs for her dog, Thea. When she was a puppy, but she gave it to her recently.

“I bundled them up until she was done with her destructive phase of play,” Banks told Newsweek. “She took them out and put them in her toy box without us giving much thought to it.” almost even though they were her dogs.

German shepherd dog

Banks explained, “She switches between taking care of her toy pigs and playing ball, and we usually have a ball on our lap to throw to her at all times as she loves it.” But when Banks tried to throw one of the pig toys for Thea to fetch, the reaction was completely different. Banks said: “I threw it away without knowing it was her baby, I saw how she picked him up so gently and I knew right away she was treating him like a puppy.”

The next morning, Banks said, “Thea brought her owner the orange pig as well: ‘It was a surprising addition to me and my family.'” Its safe.”

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Banks added: “She’s a very loving dog. We call her the Gentle Giant because she’s over 100lbs but she’s cute. She’s adopted other toys before, but the pigs really took her to the next level.”.”

After the video garnered millions of views, the happiest love of Thea and her pigs, her owner said: “I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to bring joy to others, so knowing how many people have been touched by her story has been a huge blessing to my heart.”


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