Live it simply.. 5 tips to get rid of clutter and clutter that causes distress

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There are a lot of people who like to own things, and they rarely throw anything away, and they keep the intact and the damaged, and this makes him suddenly feel that the world has closed on him, and possessions have become pressure on his life and he cannot live comfortably, so the solution here comes to get rid of all that and live simply and with less costs, reducing stress, spending, and ease of cleaning, in addition to being beneficial to the environment and improving productivity, and “The Seventh Day” reviews some methods that help solve this problem and get rid of it, according to the site “yourtango“.

Find out the cause of the problem first

Before you start sorting the holdings and dividing them for distribution or throwing them away, you must first think about the reason that made you collect all these holdings, if it was just to fill the buying box and think about shopping only, then you should distribute them according to your many needs, but if you have a goal in buying the precious, then you can , Sort and divide them according to the use of each piece and rent a place and set up an exhibition for your belongings, or store them in an organized manner in one place, and use what can be used.

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Set rules for yourself

You have to set new rules that limit the recurrence of this problem, by reducing the purchase of collectibles again, and replacing this habit with buying only once a month, at least, until that habit decreases and completely abstains from it, then clean the place first and get rid of everything that does not belong to him. Useful, especially from pieces that carry bad memories, as they bring home negative energy.

Live it simply
Live it simply

Create a clutter-free area

You have to start following a simple lifestyle in the way that will help change your lifestyle, and make it simpler and calmer. You must define basic areas in your surroundings and always make them free from clutter.

Organize your place

In order for you to feel the simplicity of your life, everything around you should be organized and connected, and there should be no chaos, knees, or layers of dust. It is important to organize your area according to your needs. In this way, you can find the duplicate items that you forgot that you saved before, so try You don’t have too many One Pieces in the house.


Don’t judge yourself

When you learn to become simple, do not be hard on yourself, in new decisions and calmly accept your life, without blaming yourself for what you did before.


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