If the X sent you a gift on Valentine’s Day, how would you behave?.. Get to know an expert’s opinion

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Valentine’s Day is one of the occasions that lovers prepare for, because of the happy and joyful moments in it, and the interest in buying gifts and choosing them well and focusing on the tendencies and interests of the beloved, and waiting anxiously to watch the reaction of the beloved when opening the gift, but gifts may be sent to you when you open them and know the sender It may cause anxiety and intense thinking, because it is from the “X”, or the ex-lover, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, the best tips for behavior when receiving gifts from the ex-lover, according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert on etiquette and human relations, indicated.

X gifts

Formal apology:

The etiquette expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “The X gifts may be hidden messages, and it could be a formal apology or a message to restore the relationship between lovers or partners, If you feel happy with this gift, accepting it is also a message that you agree to restore the relationship as it was before, and you can send a message or a phone call to thank you for the gift.

Etiquette when receiving gifts from an ex-boyfriend:

And she continued: “As for if the “X” gift is undesirable, care must be taken not to open it, but it remains in its condition as it was sent and placed in its bag and returned in the same way it was received, whether it was a shipping representative or sending it with a friend or a representative of the gift shop, and he refused. Sign the receipt, this way You have given a calm message by not accepting the restoration of the relationship, by not accepting the “X” gift.

Dealing etiquette
Dealing etiquette
Acceptance of X gifts
Acceptance of X gifts


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