How to make ajwa and anise crackers.. An easy and simple recipe

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Qaraakeesh is one of the most popular foods that can be eaten with cinnamon, anise, and date, and it can be eaten in your kitchen with easy ingredients and also helps to feel warm strongly, so “The Seventh Day” reviews with Chef May Siam how to make Qaraakeesh with date and anise at home.


How to make anise crackers: Ingredients

A kilo of flour.

A cup and a half of ghee.

Half a cup of oil.

Sesame tablespoon.

One tablespoon of yeast.

A cup of warm water.

Fennel teaspoon.

A teaspoon of anise.

How to prepare anise and fennel crackers:

Mix the flour with sesame, fennel and ground anise.

Then add a teaspoon of sugar.

Then the oil and ghee are placed on a low heat to heat well.

Then add flour and stir until all of the flour is coated with ghee.

Then the yeast is dissolved in a cup of water and placed on the mixture and the dough is collected.

Then the dough is formed into fingers, placed in a baking tray, and left for half an hour before flattening it.

Then put it in a hot oven at 200 until it takes a delicious golden color.

How to make Karakish with dates: Ingredients:

The same ingredients as the previous recipe, without the fennel and anise.

Stir the dough in a spoonful of ghee on the cold to soften.

Then the dough is formed into fingers and stuffed in the dough.

Then it is placed in a baking tray and left to ferment for half an hour. A face is painted with an egg yolk and a tablespoon of milk and vanilla.

Then Sesame is placed on the face “optional”.

Enter a hot oven at 200 degrees until the face turns red.

The modus operandi of Karakish
The modus operandi of Karakish
Qaraqish with dates
Qaraqish with dates


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