How do you teach your child to be self-reliant x simple steps?

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One of the basic skills that must be taught to a child at a young age is to teach him the skill of independence and self-reliance, and leave him to try to spend some things on his own, such as dressing alone or eating by himself, so mothers make mistakes that they do themselves in everything related to the child, and not leave him to try with time depends on her Totally dependent, so in the following lines we review some tips for mothers who make their child future, according to what Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant, indicated.

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How to teach your child to be self-reliant: Choosing his clothes:

Take your child to choose his clothes when buying and make him choose his favorite colors and what he feels fit and comfortable in.

Come back in order:

Accustom your child to arranging his play areas, organizing his clothes in the wardrobe, and putting shoes in their designated place.

Allow showering alone:

Gradually allowing your child to bathe alone, comb his hair and brush his teeth with your follow-up until he can be fully independent and self-reliant.

Helps himself:

Have your child arrange his desk, bring himself the school schedule, and organize the books in his bag daily

Do not carry the bag:

Do not carry the school or exercise bag instead of him, but make him accustomed to carrying and maintaining his bags and not throwing them on the ground

sleeping alone

Take serious steps to get your child to sleep alone in his room away from you and get him used to sleeping without depending on you

He eats himself:

Make your child eat with his hands and do not feed him yourself until he gets used to eating by himself and with time he will not scatter the food and spill the drink only you have to trust him

Buying skill:

Teach him the skill of buying and give him money to buy some items and rely on himself and teach him the value of money and the categories of it

the support :

Always support your child, and it is okay for him to make mistakes several times and learn from repeating his mistakes. Do not punish him, but encourage him and praise him whenever he is independent.


Praise your child in front of others and thank him for his independence and self-reliance in meeting his needs without relying on others

A self-reliant child
A self-reliant child
Ways to teach a child self-reliance
Ways to teach a child self-reliance


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