How did the star Elvis Presley change men’s fashion trends?..and what is the story of his white suit?

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Celebrities are the password for everyone to follow with passion and to know the details and secrets that surround them, the outfits they wear in various parties and the many looks they have. Among the celebrities that people have not forgotten even after a long time after her departure is the star Elvis Presley, who created a base of stardom that no one has been able to approach to this day, and to know some details about him, you can follow the following report, according to the site. CNN“.

the suit

The late star Elvis Presley was undisputedly ahead of his time, and he used to appear to those around him in a new way and a stunning look from the previous ones, and because of his extreme handsomeness, girls were attracted to him from all over the world, and he liked to appear in bold colors that no one had preceded before him in suits such as the pink color, and the suit The white legend he is best known for.

And the life of the star Elvis Presley began in the mid-fifties of the last century, and he appeared at a time when there was a lot of respect in men’s clothing and assertiveness, and the person who was elegant wore loose suits with buttons at the bottom of the shirt with a soft tie, stacked pants and elegant shoes.


As for the star Elvis Presley, he appeared at one of the parties wearing a pink jacket and a short shirt, consisting of a jacket with specific shoulders and large lapels, and wide-legged pants, and despite the society around Elvis Presley being very conservative, he quickly became his fans.

Elvis star
Elvis star

And he made young people wear new and different clothes, and after a while the star moved away from music to participate in the cinema to star in his films, and then after that he tried to return to the scene again in 1968, and he wore tight leather suits as a motorcycle rider, which had a belt around the middle.

Fashion designer has been created Belew The white suit for the star Elvis Presley to sing on stage, and the suit was inspired by Napoleon’s high collars, and it had many drawings, so that he could sing and dance on the stage comfortably, and he wore white to be distinguished on stage, and that white suit later became an icon for the king of rock that you Roll.

the star
the star


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