Do you imitate Kim Kardashian or who..I consult myself: Blind imitation of celebrities is evidence of weak self-confidence

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Blind imitation has become one of the prevalent features among some young men and adolescents, and recently videos of male and female adolescents imitating the looks and behavior of celebrities have spread on social media, to attract attention and obtain higher views, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the psychological risks of this phenomenon on young people and its causes And the proposed solutions to it, according to Dr. Abdel Aziz Adam, a consultant behavioral psychologist.

weak personality

Low self-confidence

Imitation is mainly caused by low self-confidence and the search for an easy way to prove oneself, and this is extremely dangerous because it erases a person’s identity and existence from the ground up. Therefore, imitators must have a pause with themselves to search for their true being away from the distortions of imitation unconsciously.

The lack of a goal

These young men who waste their time imitating and obliterating the features of their personality, are young men who lack identity and purpose, and therefore they only found imitation as an alternative solution to having a real goal in their lives that they seek to achieve.

Be proud of yourself and your community

The values ​​and ethics on which our Arab society was raised stem from religion and the behaviors of our conservative society, and one of the dangers of blind imitation is that a person is submissive behind the one he imitates, regardless of whether his behaviors and actions are appropriate for our society or not, and this in turn will make imitators of celebrities do behaviors that are not appropriate. With the morals of our society, so they must wake up so as not to move forward in this disgraceful tradition.

The lack of a role model

The lack of a true role model for young men and adolescents, as they are led by celebrities as a kind of imitation of their behavior, regardless of their characteristics, and this distorts the concept of role models for them. Therefore, the concept of role models must be clarified to them and the moral beauty in it that spreads among the members of society.

concept of value

It is necessary to clarify and educate young people on the true concept of value represented by people respecting them and being active members respected by everyone. As for bringing money in all legal and illegal ways, and chasing after fame, whatever the results, this does not express any significant value and makes them lose the respect and love of others for them as well and their respect for themselves.


The lack of sufficient awareness of these young people made them flounder and intellectually confused, which led to them performing random behaviors, one of the characteristics of which is blind imitation without awareness, and creating awareness programs and useful activities in schools and universities will help these young people in building a strong personality and develop in them the arrangement of their thoughts and setting their goals far from imitation that erases Their personality and being.

Low self-confidence
Low self-confidence


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