Before you take your child out to Amshir, an interviewer will tell you how to choose his clothes

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Children are an integral part of the mother, so it is possible for mothers to go with their children to work or the market, but some may be confused when going out due to fluctuations in the weather and constant changes in temperatures in the month of Amshir, so the seventh day reviews during the following lines important tips when going out with your child In Amshir, according to what was indicated by the stylist Mustafa Al-Shafei.

You wear your baby in Amshir

Dense clothes:

The stylist told Al-Youm Al-Sabeeh: “It is preferable to dispense with heavy, bulky clothes and replace them with light, cotton or non-cotton clothes that help with heating, and it is preferable to be from the category of woolen clothes that help the child feel warm, but in the event that the child rejects the feel of wool, It is preferable to wear cotton clothes directly on the body and then wear woolen clothes

Light merino wool:

And he continued: “It is possible for you to help him wear merino wool, which is from the category of lightweight wool and also has a soft texture, which does not cause itching or sensitivity.”


And he continued: “The secret starts from warming the feet, so it is necessary to choose socks made of soft wool, as wool is one of the most fabrics that help heat quickly and strongly, in addition to choosing closed, unopened shoes so as not to cause dust or water to reach in the event of rain.” And it is preferable that the shoe be from the category of a half-boot.


And he says: “Be sure to provide a waterproof jacket in order to help prevent water from reaching the body and other clothes. It is also preferable to have a jumpsuit also made of waterproof material and be tightly closed, in addition to making sure to provide your child’s gloves and capecho scarves.” He called the kit bag special. in the month of Amshir

,Tips for getting your baby out in Amshire

Tips for getting your baby out in Amshire

Tips to help choose the right clothes for your child
Tips to help choose the right clothes for your child


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