Before Valentine’s Day, know the right time to confess your “love”

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Many wonder when it is possible to say the word “I love you”? When a person falls in love and is attracted to someone without the rest, he becomes confused, which makes him feel the need to confess immediately, and this is what is considered a mistake or a red flag, and there are signs indicating that you are ready to say “I love you”. We review it, before celebrating Valentine’s Day, according to the site “stylecraze“.

You complement each other

There is no perfect person, and it is normal to meet people with qualities that you do not possess. There are those who feel that he does not have his qualities, and there are those who feel that with these qualities you have completed each other and you and she have become one person together.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day

Talk about the future

The conversation between you has become common, until you are talking about your future together with one future, and the word “you and I” has turned into “we.” If you reach that stage, there is no need to hold back your feelings.

Do not express your feelings before 5 times an interview

You should not think about confessing your love before meeting more than 5 times at least, in which you talk about your relationship and in different conversations, in order to know each other and make sure of your love.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

If you feel the feelings reciprocate

If you feel and are sure that this personality shares feelings of love and understanding with you, do not hesitate to confess your love and end the state of anticipation between you.

Follow your sixth sense

Sometimes we hear voices inside us that encourage us to do something, even if its results are vague for everyone. If you hear this voice inside you, do not hesitate to confess your love.

The word I love you
The word I love you

Your acceptance of the flaws of the beloved

If your partner is giving hints

If you notice that this person is throwing hints of his love and waiting for you to respond with the same, and this is what you feel well, you must immediately confess your love to her, and that you are happy with this understanding and love.


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