A camel out of control kills its Indian owner. Learn about his punishment from the victim’s relatives. “Pictures”

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An angry camel was beaten to death by villagers after it reportedly beheaded its owner in India .

According to the report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the camel grabbed its owner by the neck, threw it to the ground and seemed to chew its head, and in a video clip spread on the Internet, six people tied the camel to a tree and beat it with sticks to death, in the middle of last week.

Camel family

According to local reports, the victim’s family members were involved in beating the camel to death, and the relatives of Sohanram Nayak received his body after the autopsy, while no complaint has been filed so far regarding the killing of the state animal..

And the state of Rajasthan in northern India banned the slaughter and injury of camels in 2015, and the crime of killing camels is punishable, as described in the draft Rajasthan camel bill for 2015, up to five years in prison and a fine.

The project pointed to an alarming decrease in the number of camels in the region in recent years, noting that camels are an integral part of the desert ecosystem of the country, so the bill came in the wake of identifying a series of deliberate killings of camels in the region..

Hit the angry camel
Hit the angry camel

Snapshots of hitting the camel
Snapshots of hitting the camel

Research related to camel attacks on humans in India

The camel became an official state animal of India in 2014 to support wider bids, including the 2016 Camel Development Scheme, to protect the animal population of Rajasthan..

Research on the frequency of camel attacks in Rajasthan in 2015 indicated that camels are generally simple and placid, but they become less tolerant during the breeding season between December and March..


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