7 unique and inexpensive ideas for making a Valentine’s Day gift.. “Memories album and playlist”

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When the streets are covered with red, many begin to remember Valentine’s Day gifts, but with the passage of time and age with the beloved, many begin to repeat the gifts, but in different forms. For his life partner and benefit from it, so the seventh day reviews some ideas that may help you in a new and different gift, according to the site “countryliving“.

Buy your own game

You can buy a two-player game even if you have not played it before, as enjoying learning it together, practicing it, and mastering it with each other creates new and enjoyable memories between you, and you can call this game your name together.

Buy a game

Make a playlist of featured songs

You can work hard to make a list of songs that are unique to you and put them on a flash drive for easy listening to them anywhere or at any time, such as in the car, in the office, or at home.

Make a play list of songs
Make a play list of songs

take a walk together

Why not take advantage of the refreshing winter weather to take a walk together in a new place that you have not visited before, as it is a new way to express love and create special memories.

Just go for a walk
Just go for a walk

Volunteer work

Why don’t you choose one of the nursing homes or orphanages and donate a day’s effort and spend it with them helping them and providing them with what they need, as volunteering can make you feel more connected to each other and to society.

Volunteer work
Volunteer work

Book a training course together

Together, you can start a training course that adds some professional skills to you, or even psychological courses that help you accept your problems and obstacles in your life and provide you with new ways of solving.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

Act as a tour guide

You can take your partner to a place he has not visited before, and treat him as if he is the tourist, and you are his guide who tells him about everything that is in that area and its secrets.


Create an album of your memories

Why don’t you make an album with your photos together from the beginning of the relationship until today, print them and paste them in a book and give it a special title, then paste your photos and write the memory of this day.

Memories album
Memories album


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