5 zodiac signs prefer celibacy over love and marriage.. They are not waiting for Valentine’s Day

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Every man dreams of finding the girl of his dreams who supports him in his career and shares the same feelings with him, and matches him in many of his personal characteristics so that he can have a small, happy and stable family with her, but some flee from the idea of ​​love and marriage, and always hesitate in making this decision, and these think that they are They belong to some of the astronomical constellations that we review in this report, according to the “”timesofindia“.

Towers do not prefer love and attachment


It is known about a Gemini born that he is moody and hesitant all the time, so he cannot make a final and categorical decision in his life in a short period, and he also likes the idea that he is being chased by someone who is in love with him, and on the other hand he does not prefer to be tied to a family and take responsibility for it, and he feels Bored a lot, so he does not think about love or entering into a romantic relationship.

escape from marriage


A Leo born gets bored shortly after entering into a new love relationship, because he prefers to live an adventurous life all the time, which makes him feel happy, so he does not prefer or think about marriage.

Another image
Another image


A Sagittarian is afraid of commitment and taking responsibility for his wife and children. He also avoids depression, sadness and boredom, which he believes that his marriage makes him live these feelings that he escapes from throughout his life, so he avoids entering into any romantic relationship or marriage.

refusal to marry
refusal to marry


An Aquarius is one of the personalities who prefer to sit among a group of friends, colleagues and relatives, and despite his distinguished social personality, he prefers loneliness and isolation, rather than settling with someone, because he is also afraid of taking responsibility, so he prefers to escape from responsibility and get married.


A Pisces-born is afraid of assuming responsibility and commitment to anything towards anyone, and he is convinced that no person in this world reaches the level of his expectations that he drew in his imagination about the character he prefers to live with for the rest of his life.


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