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Damage to street infrastructure due to the recent depression (photos)

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publish date 2023-02-10 16:55:45

Al-Bawsala – The rains that fell in Madaba during the recent depression caused damage to the infrastructure of the streets and led to the emergence of defects in it that require the concerned authorities to stand on them and address them.
Many potholes have spread in the streets of Madaba, whether they are main or secondary, and water collects in the streets, impeding traffic as a result of the absence of water drainage drains, whether they are tube or box drains.
The mayor of Greater Madaba, Aref Al-Rawajih, said that the heavy rains and their continuation for a long time led to the emergence of these defects, especially in the old streets, indicating that the municipality had developed a comprehensive plan to address these defects first.

Al-Rawajih added that the municipality will start the process of patching all the potholes that appeared after the weather receded, without any delay, in order to avoid any damage to citizens’ vehicles.
With regard to the problems of collecting water in the streets and the lack of drains for it, he confirmed that there is a tender worth half a million that will be put forward soon to construct water drains and box and tube drains that limit the problem of rain water collecting in the streets targeting the hotspots in Madaba.
And he indicated that the municipality realized early on the importance of taking care of and preserving the infrastructure of the streets, so it offered a tender for hot asphalt mixtures worth one million dinars, and another tender for opening and paving new streets worth half a million dinars.
Al-Rawajih expressed his hope that these measures will improve the infrastructure of the streets, bearing in mind that these bids are from the municipal fund, stressing that the streets of Madaba and its areas need more than that, but the municipality is working according to its capabilities.

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