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Central “Engineers” approved the amendments to the pension fund

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publish date 2023-02-10 22:14:33

The Central Authority of the Jordanian Engineers Association, in its extraordinary meeting held today, Friday, at the Professional Associations Complex, in the presence of the President of the Jordanian Engineers Association, Eng. , which was amended based on a series of consultations and meetings held by the Board with all stakeholders during the last period with the aim of preserving the sustainability of the Fund and ensuring its continuity to meet its financial obligations.

The Central Commission approved the proposed amendments to the system of the retirement fund, with the recommendation that the amendments should be balanced, taking into account the conditions of young engineers, and ensuring that the fund fulfills its obligations, and the need to return to the actuarial student to re-study the percentage of deduction from the pension salary for each of the retired non-practicing engineers and the retired practicing profession and amend The word “discount” means deduction, in addition to reformulating some legal articles, raising the retirement age to 47 years for males and 43 years for females, increasing the period of installment exemptions to 3 years instead of two years, and taking into account the imposition of additional fees for delay in paying contributions to three months instead. Two months ago .

The Council of the Engineers Syndicate had submitted a proposal for amendments to the retirement fund system that included gradually raising the legal age for retirement, every year six months, until it reached sixty-two for males and fifty-eight for females, and deducting 10 percent from the salary of the retiree who did not practice the profession and 50 percent from the salaries of the retire who did not practice the profession. Retired engineers practicing the profession, provided that the deduction rate is reviewed in the light of actuarial studies, and the period of installment exemptions is increased to two years in the event of commitment to payment.

The proposed amendments took into account the conditions of young engineers, as they included exempting young engineers from the first five years of graduation from the obligation to participate, and adjusting the value of annual premiums in two stages for a period of 10 years from graduation to a segment of 150 dinars. Entrepreneurial.

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