The discovery of a huge hornet’s nest inside a bathroom in Melbourne, Australia. Pictures

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An enormous and deadly wasp nest was discovered inside a house in Melbourne, Australia, where a pest control expert who was able to get rid of the wasps claimed that it was the largest he had ever seen..

Huge hornet’s nest

A 1.5-meter-long mushroom-shaped nest can be seen hanging from the bathroom walls and ceiling inside an abandoned property in Healesville.

Armell estimated that the nest, which had been growing since at least September 2021, when it was first seen as a basketball-sized structure, was likely home to “thousands and thousands” of wasps..

Dozens of wasps

Dozens of stray wasps can be seen flying nearby, and Armil said: “The multiple stages of treatment have killed the wasps, so I can safely approach the nest and demolish it.”“.

hornet's nest;
hornet’s nest;

Given its enormous size, which Mr. Armell thought might be the largest in Australia, he conjectured that the nest had probably survived several seasons..

Wasp nests in winter

While the nests of European hornets are usually dormant in the winter, Armell said this basin is sheltered from the cold so it could have expanded for several years, and he said its age and size meant the nest could have housed an increasing number of wasps.

Armell said: “The place was inside where the wasps could stay warm, so it is likely that the queens hibernated inside the nest, and this means that they could start laying and hatching new eggs as soon as spring comes, so we are talking about a very large population without No interruption whatsoever in how much it can expand.”

The European hornet is a protected species in parts of the northern hemisphere but in Australia, it is considered destructive and invasive.


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