Pizza Day.. Etiquette to eat it in restaurants and at home without embarrassment

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Today, February 9, is International Pizza Day in Naples, Italy, which is considered one of the Italian foods that everyone loves, and all restaurants and housewives excel in their ingredients and method of preparation, but when eating them, a certain method must be followed, so the “seventh day” reviews during the following lines etiquette Eat pizza with Hala Al-Azab, the expert on etiquette and human relations.

International Pizza Day

The etiquette expert said to “The Seventh Day”: “Pizza is served on a plate designated for serving it, and it is not correct to eat it from its cardboard packaging, whether in the restaurant or at home, and then it is cut with a rotating knife and presented with a pizza carrier and placed on its own plate, and it is also unacceptable to use a fork and knife.” of your dish by placing it on the serving dish once and for all.

And she continued: “If the pizza is made with soft dough, then we must use a fork and a knife, provided that the fork is placed in the piece to be eaten and cut with a knife in front of it, but if it is made of a cohesive dough, it can be cut with a rotating knife into small pieces and then eaten by hand.” This is because the Italians are the makers and innovators of pizza, and eat it with their hands without shame or breaking the rules of etiquette.

Adding ketchup etiquette:

She said: “It is acceptable to shake the bottle a lot, as a big mess may occur with this behaviour. Rather, it is etiquette to lower the front of the bottle into the dish and with the other hand we tie the neck of the bottle until the ketchup is lowered. As for the bags, it is inappropriate to open them by mouth, but the part indicated by an arrow on the ketchup bags must be held, and then opened by hand with ease. .

Pizza Etiquette
Pizza Etiquette
Steps to eat pizza
Steps to eat pizza


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