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Parents are disturbed by the use of harsh words and words from their children, especially in the case of parental discipline in education and not uttering unacceptable words. The surrounding environment may be a major reason for that, so you have to follow the source of the words and words coming out, from the circle of friends in the club and school, or neighbors, movies are a source Also, to learn extraneous pronouns, so the “Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, some tips to reduce your child’s pronounciation, according to what was indicated by Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant.

Get rid of the words

Start with yourself:

Start with yourself and be a role model for your child, as it is a reflection of your image, so be careful not to say any harsh words, especially when angry, because your child picks up those words from you to express himself later in his anger or uses them as a method and way in his speech, unaware that they are unacceptable words to utter.


You have to exercise restraint and not punish harshly, as some parents beat and punish when their children use insults.

Identify the sources of the words:

Determine the source of the profanity with your child. You should follow his phone, browse the “chat” with his companions, and select one of his friends who curses and curses to avoid him.

Knowing that the child is wrong:

Discuss with your child and make him know himself that he is wrong and that the words he says are unacceptable and give him a mental image of him being impolite in front of his family and friends.

Explain to your child:

Explain to your child the meaning of obscene words and expressions and make him denounce himself for saying them again, and give him alternatives to words when expressing his anger or different situations.


Inappropriate and offensive jokes, explain to your child that they contain unacceptable meanings, and jokes and laughter can be used in an acceptable manner without transgressing with words.

Looking for role models:

You have to resort to setting an example for your child if you fail to change his vocabulary, as there is a need for a good role model to follow in order to make him stop uttering extraneous words.

Deprivation of things:

Punishment and deprivation in the case of secrets for uttering insults, Deprivation of things and places that he prefers, and tell him that he is deprived because of his harsh words.

Reinforce his good behaviour.

Reinforce his good behavior when he replaces his obscene vocabulary with good words, reward his behavior, and show your approval of him, and that he is a desirable and beloved child for those around him, and everyone loves to see him as a person of good manners.

Unwanted words
Unwanted words
Advice for dealing with obscene child behavior
Advice for dealing with obscene child behavior


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