If your son is always in requests… a prescription to reduce the constant desire to buy in children

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The child adapts himself according to his environment and the lifestyle followed by his family, especially in meeting and satisfying his needs, so the child gets used to his approval of all his requests, which makes him constantly request and desire to buy, because he sees his family spending money without restriction and not setting a plan for the family budget, the child’s personal expenses and the ceiling of his requests So, “The Seventh Day” reviews, with Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant, some tips to reduce the child’s constant desire to buy.

Teaching the child contentment and distancing from greed

Tips to reduce the child’s constant desire to buy:

Determine an expense:

Determine for your child a weekly personal expense through which it is agreed upon what he wants to buy things, and the agreement is on the necessary things when needed, while luxuries can be postponed, for example, as a reward for his commitment to spending his expenses on useful things.

Conflict with physical condition:

Tell your child about your financial situation, the family’s economic situation, and the inability to buy on an ongoing basis, and make him share the responsibility and think with the family about how to meet the needs.

Accompany your child:

Accompany your child to the markets and make him participate in choosing purchases, comparing prices, and taking advantage of discounts, so that he knows the value of saving and not being extravagant and extravagant in useless things.

Sharing needs:

Participate with your child in finding out who needs the house, and let him know what is lacking in the monthly needs of the house, and make him determine himself the necessary things that must be purchased, and discuss with him to postpone some of the purchase of things for later.

Do not infringe without execution:

Do not promise your child to buy things and break your promise with him, because you will definitely be obligated to fulfill your promise, because he will not stop insisting on buying what you promised him.

Saving education:

Teach your child about saving and the need not to be confined, and discuss with him the value of saving and saving money to spend it in time of need.

Confidence in children
Confidence in children
Teaching the child conviction
Teaching the child conviction


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