How to make potato mousse .. a winter meal with easy ingredients

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Potatoes are considered one of the winter foods that can be eaten in the list of foods that contain the least number of calories, and also can be included in all sweet and savory meals, so “The Seventh Day” reviews the method of making potato mousse with easy ingredients in your kitchen, according to Chef May’s method. Fasting, which can be served alongside other dishes, or between meals, and is considered one of the meals that are nutritious with the elements that build the body.

Potato mousse with milk

How to make potato mousse: Ingredients:

2 boiled potatoes.

Half a cup of cream chantilly.

Half a cup of milk for cream Chantilly.

A quarter cup of milk for potatoes.


One tablespoon gelatin.

How to prepare potato mousse:

First, wash and boil the potatoes.

Then cool it and puree it with a quarter cup of milk and sugar.

Then beat the cream chantilly with the milk.

Then make sure to dissolve one tablespoon of gelatin with two tablespoons of water.

Then put the cream on potatoes and with them gelatin.

Then beat them all up with a whisk until they blend.

It is served in cups and decorated with nuts, caramel sauce, or biscuit butter sauce.

You can serve potatoes in more than one way, you can serve a tagine with sweet or sour bechamel, you can serve grilled or boiled without additives according to your desire, in addition to that you can serve soup as it is rich in many minerals and nutrients, and it is considered one of the best The foods that are eaten in the event of a diet.

Potato mousse
Potato mousse


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