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Many girls love to keep up with fashion and are inspired by the occasions in which they live. On Valentine’s Day, they draw red hearts and teddy bears on their nails, and in the spring they feel that their nails are a garden full of colored roses, suitable for their clothes. In coloring, different shapes of pumpkins and skulls dominate their nails. Why not draw storms, rain, lightning, and thunder that occur in the Amshir season, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some ideas with pictures that can inspire you with a different and distinctive nail polish look suitable for the month of Amshir. .

Dust storms

At this time, the atmosphere is characterized by various colors of dirt, such as pale yellow and brown in its degrees, and here appeared the 2023 nail polish fashion that mixes earthy colors with white, and put a little golden color, with each finger coming in a different form of storms.


Lightning and Thunder

Lightning is one of the different phenomena that appear in the month of Amshir, especially after dust storms. Lightning comes with its rains that wash the sky to rid the earth of dust. Nail artists used black, blue and white colors to paint the phenomenon on the nails.


clear sky

Amshir was not full of surprises, as there are some clear and quiet nights, which some might think of as the “calm before the storm.” The nails have a share of that, as the colors of the blue sky were combined in degrees, and provided with a few sequins representing the stars, to show the sky with its pure beauty to illuminate fingers.


sea ​​waves

Storms, weather fluctuations, sea waves, and the girls’ fingers did not leave them alone. The girls only resorted to merging the blue color, which symbolizes water, with the white and yellow color of the seabed, mixing them together in the middle to resemble the fluctuations of the sea.

blue color


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