For men only.. How do you choose the right socks for your clothes to get an elegant look?

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Some men believe that socks are a piece of clothing that does not have any standards to wear, so any socks can be worn at any time, and this concept is wrong. It helps you choose socks, according to what was published by the “articlesofstyle“.

The first way

In the event that you cannot choose the appropriate socks, you can choose socks that are darker than the color of your pants, or one degree lighter than your shoes.

Choose the right socks

The second way

If your shoes are made of natural leather that contains shades of one color, you can choose socks one tone lighter than the darkest color in the shoe.

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Choose socks

The third method

If you seek to choose socks that are attractive and not catchy, you can choose one of the colors you wear, not the color of the pants or shoes. For example, if you wear a blue T-shirt, you can wear your socks blue as well.



Fourth method

There is nothing wrong with wearing vibrant colors such as fuchsia and purple, but your clothes should be composed of neutral colors such as black, white and gray in their shades.

Fifth method

It is necessary to note the difference between the sports socks that you wear under the sports shoes, and the classic socks that are worn on regular shoes of all kinds, due to the thickness of the sports socks, which cannot be accommodated in the regular shoes.

Sixth method

You must choose the appropriate socks for your feet so as not to cause allergic reactions in the feet, and it is preferable to choose cotton, silk or linen socks, in order to preserve the feet and absorb sweat in an appropriate and non-harmful way.


Seventh method

You must check the size of the socks before purchasing them, because whether they are large or small, they can cause pain in the foot as a result of the edges that may cause harm.

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