Before Valentine’s Day.. Etiquette when receiving an inappropriate gift

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Valentine’s Day is one of the days that can be a space for the beginning of a new relationship or the end of a relationship, so it is considered one of the special days that help to establish the relationship further, and also in which lovers can be confused to choose gifts that make the hearts of their loved ones happy, and according to the art of choosing gifts, which is one of the means Upscale communication, which gives a message to the gifted about what is in the heart and mind of the gift giver, Therefore, attention must be paid by both parties when buying and choosing a gift, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, the etiquette of dealing in the event that unwanted gifts are accepted, according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations, indicated.

Etiquette when receiving unwanted gifts

Gifts feel sad and bored:

The etiquette expert said to “The Seventh Day”: “There are many gifts that make the gifted feel sad and bored, given that they may indicate that there is something wrong and must be fixed, such as slimming drugs or gym membership, as they predict that one of the partners needs to lose weight, Also, hair straightening creams may confirm that the appearance of the hair is not attractive to the other side Also, an inappropriate gift to the other party may make him feel uncomfortable and weary, such as gifting a headdress to a girl who does her hair. All these gifts may cause boredom and sadness, and stir up bad thoughts in the minds of the gifted.

Etiquette when receiving unwanted gifts:

And she continued: “There must be a positive behavior when receiving unwanted gifts, so when opening the gift in front of the gift-giver and thanking him for it and pretending to be happy, even if you do not like the gift, but with gifts that cause boredom and sadness, and accept them and remain silent about them, you may cut off communication and go.” Love spoils the day, so a quiet, uplifting discussion must be held with the beloved about the meaning of this gift. The question about its meaning may be that he does not understand the art of choosing gifts, or unintentionally, so that the thought of the gifted to him calms down and does not spoil the relationship between the two lovers. Also, this discussion may sound the alarm in thinking, and interest in gifts as gifts suitable for the person to bring happiness and pleasure to his heart.

Unwanted gifts
Unwanted gifts


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