A woman achieved 3 million views on “Tik Tok” to photograph her dilapidated house, despite her claim of wealth

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A woman made a huge splash on TikTok, after claiming that her parents are millionaires, but their house does not suggest that, as it is almost completely destroyed.

@gouldstandard Probably why they have so much money 😂 #KAYKissCountdown #cheapestmillionaire ♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) – Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali

The video has 3 million views

Faith, a user, has gone viral TikTokwhich calls itself Gould Standard On the social media platform, after sharing a video of her parents’ budget-friendly bedding, Faith’s clip garnered more than 3 million views and nearly 2,000 people commented, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

Cheap home details

Part of the video
Part of the video

The clip opens with a view of a marble kitchen countertop and a cleaning spray bottle teetering on the edge, and she says, “When your parents are millionaires and they also buy the cheapest of all.”.”

Moving to the home office, she shows viewers a folded dirty rag on her father’s desk, and says, “This folded rag has been used for decades.”

The girl focuses on her father’s shabby jacket

Then, she zooms in on her dad’s favorite sweater, it has a big hole in one of the sleeves, and she says, “This is my dad’s sweater that he wears every day.” There’s also a $10 shoe rack in the house, which Faith said is broken from knots, and the rack is covered in dirt. and dust, but her parents seem unwilling to part with it.”.

Back in the kitchen, the camera focuses on an old white plastic toaster, which has 4 slots for bread, but half of the toaster seems unusable..

Faith’s ardent followers couldn’t wait to share their opinions on her parents’ bizarre possessions, and one user said, “I was raised like this and I absolutely hate it. I’ll never live like this again. I won’t overspend. But if something’s old, move on.”, Another said, “This is my dad… he doesn’t spend a penny, same hour since he was 14Some mocked the situation, and a sarcastic woman asked, “So what do they do with the money? Just hoarding for fun.”


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