6 things you can do if you are angry to calm you down. Quick solutions to choose from

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There are many daily situations that we are exposed to, that cause us to get angry, to the point that we cannot control ourselves, and this anger may cause many problems that may cause the loss of a lover, loss of work, or even the grief of the closest people to us. Energy scientists describe anger as a complete waste of energy, and given that everyone seeks to preserve those close to him or his work, “The Seventh Day” reviews some solutions that help preserve your energy and control your anger, according to the site’s bulletin.lifehack“.

feeling angry

cross quietly

Specialists in psychiatry believe that as long as the topic is in its infancy and anger is not controlled from you, what you think can be expressed, and in that case silence is considered oppression. If you try to hide or ignore your anger, it will not disappear, but will accumulate inside you, until you reach the stage of explosion.

Separate passion from action

Before starting your work, you must separate your emotions and feelings from what you are doing, so that you can make quick and correct decisions, but when you mix your feelings and your work, you will distract yourself in the choices, which will lead to your anger until the explosion.

Behavior Modification
Behavior Modification

Use your anger

You can use your anger to change your lifestyle from calmness, meditation, and yoga, to more violent sports to release the energy of anger, such as running, kickboxing, swimming, and karate.

reaction delay

Many consider that counting quietly before issuing a reaction is nothing but a comic scene broadcast on television, but it is a correct and quick way to help get rid of anger and control yourself before issuing wrong judgments or expressing wrongly.


Distract yourself

Shifting your attention to something else, or somewhere away from the source of your anger, can help you calm down and take your mind off the anger, and it will also help you focus on prioritizing your feelings and decisions.

Don’t play the victim

When a person falls under the influence of anger, he blames himself, and that he is the cause of the problems of the universe, and if it were not for him, life would be calm. This thinking is wrong and makes you feel indifferent, and it can make you make bigger and more dangerous mistakes, so all you have to do is bear the result of what you have done. Just.


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