5 tips in the event of a dust storm while you are driving

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Dust storms, rain and sudden weather fluctuations are one of the characteristics that characterizes the month of Amshir at any time, and this makes us vulnerable to any surprise on the road while driving, according to the website “azdot“Step aside and stay alive” is the safest way when dust storms occur, and “The Seventh Day” presents some tips and warnings that must be taken immediately after the arrival of the Amshir swarms.

Car Maintenance

One of the necessities that must be taken into account in order to avoid any risk is to review the brake strength, ensure the safety of the car wipers, clean the front and rear headlights, and ensure that the seat belts in the entire car are correct and that the emergency triangle is present.


weather condition

Before going down daily, you should check the weather in the areas where you will be, in order to avoid traveling in an emergency, or move safely and calmly to avoid any emergency situation.

climate condition
climate condition

Avoid turning on the lights

One of the misconceptions is that when a dust storm strikes, the driver stands aside and lights the headlights of the entire car, and this is a fatal mistake, as drivers believe, according to driving laws, that these lights come from a moving car that can be followed.

Step aside and choose a safe place

If you cannot control driving, you must stay on the side of the road and choose a safe place, avoid emergency lanes and fast lanes, close the engine and windows well, fasten the seat belts, tighten the brake lever well, and keep the foot away from the accelerator and brake pedal, to avoid any risks.

Amshire hollers
Amshire hollers

Expect the unexpected

You should not go out of the house or office unless your phone is switched on, and you have an additional connection for charging or a charged “power bank”, with the provision of drinking water and for the car, and cotton tissues to wet it and put it on the nose and mouth to avoid dust entering them, with the necessity of having emergency tools.


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