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Is Jordan witnessing a shortage of milk production due to foot and mouth disease?

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publish date 2023-02-09 11:04:34

Al-Bawsala – The Ministry of Agriculture did not expect any shortage in the quantities of milk and its products, due to the large production of milk during this period, and thus the stability of prices, despite the fact that cows were infected with foot and mouth disease.

The Ministry confirmed that it had carried out the field immunological study for assessing the level of acquired immunity after using the vaccine, through the formation of a technical committee that included specialists from the College of Veterinary Medicine, the FAO, the Directorate of Veterinary and Animal Health and the Directorate of Livestock Laboratories, and the study was carried out under standard conditions in wealth stations. animal.

Serum samples were sent to assess the immunological effect of the vaccine in international reference laboratories, at a time when the results of the immunological tests that were carried out in the livestock laboratories indicate the emergence of immune bodies when examining the samples after the 28th day of the examination. However, test results must be obtained from the reference laboratory for approval.

The ministry said that it had taken a number of measures related to reducing the chances of infection transmission between farms, by postponing the licensing of farms in the association and raising awareness about the application of biosecurity measures in the region, and suspending the import of straw and hay from neighboring countries that recorded cases of the disease. The Ministry stressed that the situation is not classified within the stage of an outbreak and within the global natural proportions.

She said that specialized teams continue to investigate cases of foot-and-mouth disease among cows, which appeared in some farms last month, as all cow farms are followed up and infections are detected.

She added that the infections are due to the green fodder that was imported from an Arab country, and the disease was transmitted to the cows that ate this type of fodder, indicating that the total number of cows infected with foot and mouth disease, which have been identified so far, has reached about 1,500 out of 92,000 heads present in the country. Jordan.

The teams, according to the ministry, inspect cow farms and take the necessary samples and examine them in the laboratories designated for that, in order to identify infections with foot-and-mouth disease and take appropriate measures to limit its spread and treat injuries.

He said that there are measures that the competent authorities continue to take to avoid the spread of the disease among livestock, especially cows and sheep.

According to the ministry’s data, the number of farms that have recorded infections with foot and mouth disease since the beginning of the outbreak at the end of 2022 has reached a total of 56 farms whose infection has been officially reported, according to the integrated electronic system for monitoring animal diseases.

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