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For earthquake relief.. Learn about the most prominent institutions through which donations can be sent

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publish date 2023-02-09 08:27:35

The Kahramanmaraş earthquake left entire areas affected, containing thousands of families who lost their homes, and the injured in need of care, in addition to the ongoing search operations. In order to participate in the relief, here are the most prominent institutions through which aid can be delivered.

The total number of victims of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake has so far risen to more than 11,857 dead, and about 58,000 injured. Divided between 9,057 dead and 53,000 injured in Turkey, and 2,802 dead and 5,000 injured in Syria.

This is in addition to cities that have become completely devastated, as 6,444 destroyed buildings were counted in the earthquake-hit Turkish states. In Syria, the Civil Defense reported that the earthquake completely destroyed 375 buildings and partially destroyed 1,200 buildings, not to mention the thousands of buildings that were cracked.

The search for survivors continues, at a time when the Syrian Civil Defense is crying out for help from the weakness of its human capabilities and equipment to complete the tasks entrusted to it during this period, and the health services need more support with medicines and medical and nursing cadres.

While all these efforts require huge funds, which prompted a number of institutions to open the door for donations, we present to you the most prominent of them.

Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management “AFAD”

At the head of these institutions, which opened the door for donations, is the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), which is considered the vital nerve of the relief operations currently underway in the affected areas in the southeast of the country.

AFAD has published, on its official website, a number of bank accounts in order to receive donations. “In order not to leave offers of assistance unanswered, we felt the need to share donation account numbers for the earthquake, in order to empower those who wish to support our fellow citizens,” the foundation said in its appeal.

Turkish Red Crescent

The Turkish Red Crescent Society is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the country, and in conjunction with these difficult conditions in the affected areas, the organization has deployed thousands of its relief staff and contributed to the provision of health care. It also sent mobile kitchen trucks to distribute food to the survivors, as well as providing blankets and tents. and family.

The Turkish Red Crescent launched a blood donation campaign, as its employees and volunteers are tasked with distributing it to those in need. This is in addition to a financial donation campaign, on the official website of the organization or through its bank accounts.

Islamic Relief

And the Islamic Relief Organization, based in Birmingham, Britain, launched an appeal to collect donations for the benefit of the afflicted in Turkey and Syria. In its statement, the organization said: “Based on its role in supporting disaster victims, Islamic Relief calls on everyone around the world to donate to relief those affected by making an urgent donation to save Turkey.”

Syrian Civil Defence

The Syrian Civil Defense, or the “White Helmets” as they are called in the media, is one of the most active relief organizations in the earthquake-stricken areas of Syria, specifically those under opposition control.

On Tuesday, the organization launched a distress call, appealing to international agencies and humanitarian organizations to urgently help the earthquake victims, noting that “time is running out and hundreds of families are still stuck under the rubble,” stressing that the lack of equipment is the biggest obstacle hindering the progress of its search operations. .

The “White Helmets” opened the door for donations through its official website, and said in its appeal that “3,000 White Helmets volunteers are on the ground, searching for survivors and removing the dead from collapsed buildings. They desperately need your support to respond to this disaster.”

Inspirational Team

In addition to the Civil Defense, an inspiring “team” is leading a campaign in northern Syria to provide relief to those affected by the earthquake. The Humanitarian Team for Syria launched fundraising appeals on its official website, as well as on its social media accounts.

The “Molham” team said: “In these moments, our displaced families in northern Syria and Turkey are in dire need of our assistance and our contribution to securing alternative housing for them and urgent needs, and compensating them for what befell them in light of the snow storms that affect the region (…) Therefore, we launch an emergency campaign “Earthquake Response”, which It aims to alleviate their suffering and secure their most important needs.”

other organizations

The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) launched a fundraising campaign. The organization said that it is in Syria and gives priority to water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, and also helps unaccompanied children locate their families.

Doctors Without Borders also collects donations to respond to the health needs of the homeless and those injured in the earthquake.

In addition to Global Giving, which has opened for donations, local nonprofit agencies are helping fund emergency medical workers’ ability to provide food, shelter, and medicine. The organization said it will focus on long-term assistance as needs change in Turkey and Syria.

The International Federation asked the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to donate to the Emergency Disaster Response Fund, so that it could send “immediate cash assistance” to the afflicted.


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