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A roadmap for dealing with foot and mouth disease

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publish date 2023-02-09 21:06:55

The Minister of Agriculture, Eng. Khaled Al-Hunaifat, said that it was agreed with the associations representing the cattle sector on the mechanism of the work of the committee for limiting damages and compensation for the foot-and-mouth disease file and within two tracks, as compensation for expenses or milk will be made after the completion of the work of the committee within (two weeks) from the peak of the infection.

Al-Hunaifat added, while chairing a meeting today, Thursday, which was attended by Dr. Ghazi Yahya, Executive Director of the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), Dr. Ali Al-Ramahi, the organization’s reporting program official, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology at the University of Science and Technology, and Director of the Studies and Forecasting Unit at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management. And the heads of the concerned associations in Al-Dulail, that the ministry is working on a road map that includes all the necessary technical procedures, pointing to the reception of experts by (WOAH) in the field of epidemiology and the laboratory to help update and improve the action plan and from multiple countries.

He noted the start of vaccination starting today and the continuation of vaccination during the next week, as 64 thousand doses and larger doses will reach in the coming weeks, stressing that a meeting will be held every 72 hours for all those present in addition to the emergency room convening around the clock and the publication of a daily report on the number of injuries and deaths and the course of work.

During the meeting, the attendees reviewed the work plan, mechanisms for dealing with the disease, and ways to limit the disease within the focus of infection. The organization provided an explanation of the plan, which includes reporting the closure of the affected area, implementing all biosecurity precautions, such as cleaning, sterilizing, and preventing the movement of animals. Epidemiological investigation teams follow the procedures for biosecurity and direct vaccination. , so that it is updated continuously according to the expansion of the infection circle, and proceeding with immunization procedures and the distribution of areas, a hot zone, which is within a circular area with a diameter of 10 km immunized with a normal dose of a vaccine containing SAT-2, and a warm zone and its diameter 5 km from the end of the hot zone and immunized with double the dose of the special vaccine containing (SAT-2).

The plan also includes the preparation of directives and continuous seminars for farmers on proper procedures for dealing with foot-and-mouth disease and the implementation of an epidemiological study (epidemiological survey) for all regions of the Kingdom.

For his part, the Executive Director of the World Organization for Animal Health affirmed the organization’s keenness to support the ministry in its efforts, including an action plan, procedures, coordination, attracting experts, and providing farmers with devices and equipment that help prevent the spread of the disease.

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