What do you wear in the month of Amshire?.. 4 tips from a stylist that must be followed

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The month of Amshir is considered one of the confusing months in which we cannot determine the type of weather, as it may be cold weather, or the temperature may rise for some time, or the weather contains storms and dust, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines the best advice that can be To help us when dressing in the month of Amshir, according to Mustafa Al-Shafei, a fashion expert.

winter clothes

several amher:

The stylist told Youm7: “It is preferable that we wear normal clothes that suit the weather, but it is preferable to have with us the special equipment for the month of Amshir, which is a bamboo jacket, a leather glove better than handmade, which prevents dust and rain from entering, so we can be sure to wear” safety shoes. And a bamboo jacket to protect from rain, taking care not to wear heeled shoes.

Pump jacket
Bamboo jacket
tight clothes
winter clothes


He continued: “It is preferable to have sunglasses that are larger than normal to wear in special circumstances, such as storms and rains, to protect the face and eyes from entering dust, in addition to having a nose muzzle to block dust and its inability to reach the sinuses.”

woolen keffiyeh:

Make sure to provide a woolen scarf, then wrap it around the neck to help you feel warm, isolate the body from the outside weather, and also isolate the body from dust and sand.

woolen keffiyeh
woolen keffiyeh

Loose clothing:

It is preferable that we commit ourselves during the month of Amshir to wear some clothes consisting of a jacket, trousers, and a blouse, to be tightly fitting to the body in an appropriate way to prevent volatilization, or to fill them with air and dust, while being careful not to wear short clothes to keep the body from moisture, due to the temperature difference.


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