Tips for getting short hair at home.. before you rush and cut it

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The girl may feel uncomfortable if she goes to the hair salon to take care of her hair, and she may prefer to take care of it herself, and she may even want to cut her own hair as well. Some ways to get short hair professionally.allure“.

short hair

1 – Use the right tools:

For those who want to cut their hair, they should have scissors, sharp and suitable for professional hair care, so that the hair can be trimmed sharply, without leaving any unwanted hair or tufts.

2- Asking for help:

It may be difficult to cut hair for some girls, and if the girl is by herself, if she has someone with her at home, such as a sister or a relative, she can help her cut the hair in the way she wants, which makes it easy for her, so that the girl can ensure that she cuts her hair in a professional manner, without Any small problem occurs, from the shaking of the hand, and the girl who does not have another mirror can see her hair from the back using the smart phone that she has, and use it as a mirror from the back when seeing the hair.



3- Not cutting everything.

When starting to cut the hair, start from the hairline and work on the sides and the back of the head, with the completion of the long tufts, the following tufts can be taken, and when moving up the side of the head, make sure to go back with the upward movement, and once the sides are made short, it is possible to use scissors Combine the top section with the sides while holding the hair at an angle of 180 degrees, and cut off the ends.

Another way is to draw a line using chalk on the hair, walking according to this line, as a guide for easy walking and cutting safely.

4- Patience and not rushing:

The girl should not rush in this process, and take her time, so as not to regret cutting a part of the hair that she did not want to cut, and she should not rush to go to an appointment, either to postpone her appointment or postpone the hair cut, until she feels calm while doing it. To the fullest.

Girl cutting her hair
Girl cutting her hair


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