The birthday of the artist, Shadia..the most prominent hairstyles of the screen girl from “The Bouncer for the Pop”

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“Its origin is no longer in Egypt,” “Oh, my brown color,” and “If it goes away from you, Ya’een” and other famous songs that many lovers of the Shadia divinity of all ages and artistic tastes still hear, as the late artist was able to express in her affectionate voice many feelings, whether National, religious or sentimental.

On the occasion of the 92nd birthday of the late artist Shadia, who was called the pioneer of Egyptian cinema and presented many works of art, including songs, films, radio series and one play, “Raya and Sakina”, we review the most prominent hairstyles of the late artist, which she became famous for and imitated by many women and girls.

The most prominent hairstyles of the artist, Shadia

Gerson Poetry

The late artist, Shadia, became famous in her artistic beginnings with the “Gerson” hairstyle, which is considered one of the suitable hairstyles for a screen girl, as she used to show her beauty and make her appear with a delicate look in front of the screen.


Long hair hairstyle

The late artist also appeared in many of her artworks with long hair, leaving a “story” on her forehead, which added to her beauty and made her appear with a distinctive look on the cinema screen.

Shadia with long hair
Shadia with long hair

Crowd idol hairstyle

The late artist appeared in the movie “Idol of the Masses”, with a distinctive hairstyle, which was based on dividing the hair and collecting the front part and leaving the lower part hanging down on the back, while leaving a “story” on the forehead, which was famous for the “Shadia” hairstyle, and many women and girls followed it. .

long hair
Crowd idol hairstyle

Medium length hairstyle

The late artist was also famous for her medium-length hairstyle, in her artistic beginnings, which depended on leaving some hair on the shoulder and others hanging down the back.

Another hairstyle from Shadia's hairstyles
Another hairstyle from Shadia’s hairstyles

bob hairstyle

Dalwa Al-Cinema was also famous for the “pop” hairstyle, which appeared in most of her artwork, and was imitated by many women and girls, and it was also considered one of the hairstyles that was suitable for the face of the late.

Bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle


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