Know the etiquette and rules of using the mobile phone so as not to annoy people

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Some things that people do may be very spontaneous, but they may make other people feel uncomfortable, and for this there are rules that a person must follow in order not to infringe on the rights of others.

Among those rules and etiquette that a person must observe when he is next to others when speaking on the phone, there are some simple rules that should not be bypassed in order not to cause any inconvenience to those around you, and to know these rules, you can follow the following report, according to the website. dstny.

1 – Put the phone away during the meeting

Attention must be paid to the meeting and not to tamper with the phone unnecessarily, which makes the people present feel indifferent to them, and for this reason the phone must be left at the start of the meeting so that the person knows to continue the meeting.


2 – Not to tamper with the phone while driving

Of course, holding the phone when driving a car is dangerous, as the driver loses his focus on the road, which makes there a danger to those on the street and to him as well, and for this reason the phone must not be held, and if the matter is important, the car can be parked on the road and answer the call, or call back once again.

while driving
while driving

3 – Do not put the phone on the dinner table

The person who is with other people should keep his phone away from him, when eating, or make the phone screen upside down, to focus on the important conversation, and if the person is waiting for an important call, he must tell everyone about that, and if the matter is not important, the phone can be placed pocket.

4 – Calling in public transport is impolite

A person may travel by train, bus, or any other means. One of the best things is to use his phone to hear some music or songs through the earphone so as not to disturb those around him, but a phone call may come to him while he is sitting on public transportation, which disturbs him. Those sitting with him, for the loud voice, which makes everyone compelled to listen to the whole call.

5- Turning off the phone in the place of prayer or the theatre

Some people may go to prayers and places of worship, and leave the phone open, and the person loses his focus, and for this reason the sound must be muted until the person finishes what he is doing, whether it is in the theater or in cinemas, or so that others are not distracted.

during the theatre
during the theatre


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