Kate Middleton participates in the beginning of the Children’s Mental Health Week. Pictures and videos

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Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, 41, visited a school St John’s C.E On the occasion of the start of the Children’s Mental Health Week, the official account of the Prince and Princess of Wales on “Instagram” shared a picture of Kate accompanied by a group of children..

And according to what was reported in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Kate was photographed with two other students holding a cardboard billboard promoting the mental health campaign, and although the campaign Princess’s Shaping Us With a new focus on children’s first five years of school life, Kate used today’s post to broaden the conversation to include mental health in adulthood as well..

Kate Middleton

The posted photo was commented on:While our first five years are crucial to shaping who we are, the continued importance of connecting with others and prioritizing mental health is vital in laying the foundations for healthy, happy adults..”

Kate Middleton with children
Kate Middleton with children

The posted photos garnered more than 10,000 likes in the first hour, and royal fans applauded the princess for the initiative..

During a visit to the primary school, one student told the princess that communication releases our feelings for other people we care about, and another student told Kate that they deal with difficult feelings by “breathing deeply” and then “drinking a glass of water.”“.

Kate encouraged the children to continue talking about their feelings and to keep checking in on each other, saying: ‘I’m delighted to be supporting Children’s Mental Health Week again, it’s been great speaking to the many children here about the importance of connections and important people in their lives too.”

The Princess has supported Children’s Mental Health Week since it was launched by the London Mental Health Service Foundation. Place2Be It’s 2015, and this year’s theme is “Let’s Connect”

Princess of Wales with school children
Princess of Wales with school children

Princess of Wales with a baby girl
Princess of Wales with a baby girl

The head of the charity praises the efforts of the Princess of Wales

The charity’s chief executive, Catherine Roche, said: “We are delighted to have the support of our Royal Patron Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales to help highlight the importance of supporting mental health from an early age.”.

In another context, the Princess of Wales defined the scope of her campaign, which was promoted with a series of events and videos, describing it as a long-term project that begins with how a child develops and the importance of the formative years..

She will continue to explore the importance of a child’s social and emotional world in more depth and the importance of relationships, surroundings and experiences.

And of course, by understanding our childhood, it shapes our beliefs, relationships, behaviors and feelings as adults, we are better positioned to play our part in positively shaping future generations.“.

Scientific evidence has shown that early experiences can affect children not only socially and emotionally but in their physical development as well..


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